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> Biomaterials
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> Cancer
> Computational biophysics and systems biology
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> Immunology
> Measurement and stimulation systems and methods
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Human spare parts

Tissue defects, invalidity and death caused by diseases and trauma cause not only annual costs worth billions of euros but also humane harm to people. For example, over 6 000 000 people suffer ostheoporotic bone defects in Europe per year and over 40 000 patients in Finland have dry type age related macular degeneration which can’t be treated with drugs or therapies at the moment.

Human Spare Parts research program aims at developing novel solutions for these needs. Program combines top-level expertise in biomaterials, sensor technology, biomedical engineering and stem cells to develop technologies and solutions leading in the future to new therapies and drugs.

Biological and clinical goals of the program

  • In vitro and in vivo protocols to produce tailored bone and cartilage transplants
  • Towards functional neural transplants
    • Functional myelinization model for neural tissue regeneration
  • Blood-retina-barrier model for
    • development and testing of eye drugs
  • Cardiac cell and tissue models for
    • studying genetic heart diseases
    • drug development and safety assessment

Supporting technological goals

  • Biomimetic environment with integrated technology for cell/tissue culturing and mechanical, electrical and chemical stimulation
  • Sensor and measurement solutions for analysis and validation
  • Imaging and image processing for tailoring, evaluation and validation of tissue engineered products
  • Biomaterials for tissue engineering:
    • Hydrogels for soft tissue applications
    • Biodegradable personalized 2D and 3D textile structures
    • Biodegradable sensors

Research groups


Stem cells


Estimated budget for years 2011-2015 is over 20 M€. The funding originates from national agencies such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), Academy of Finland and the Council of Tampere Region.


Program manager Juho Väisänen juho.vaisanen@uta.fi +358 40 1909834


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email info@biomeditech.fi

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