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Research programs

> Human spare parts
> FinMIT
> Prostate Cancer Research Center (PCRC)

Research themes

> Biomaterials
> Biotechnology
> Cancer
> Computational biophysics and systems biology
> Images, signals and models
> Mitochondria
> Immunology
> Measurement and stimulation systems and methods
> Regenerative Medicine


Pioneering discoveries and innovations in life sciences

BioMediTech research groups conduct world-class basic and translational research in biomedicine and medical technology. Research activities cover diverse fields, including biomaterials, stem cells, cancer, immunology, biosensors, imaging, and computational methods, with a common aim of developing personalized medicine via new diagnostic and treatment methods.

The groups are pioneering discoveries and innovations in many fields, such as genetic alterations in prostate cancer, gene-therapy to mitochondrial disorders, bio-absorbable implants such as screws and plates for bone fixation and cranial bone derived from patients’ own fat tissue.

The institute also houses FinMIT, the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in research on mitochondrial disease and ageing.

The research is funded by national and international agencies and foundations such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), Academy of Finland, the Council of Tampere Region, the European Union and its frontier-sciences arm, the European Research Council.



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