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Annual Report 2015 available


BioMediTech Annual Report 2015 has been published online. The Annual Report is available both in Finnish and in English. This year, it will only be published in electronic form.

Annual Report 2015 in English

Annual Report 2015 in Finnish

BioMediTech Researchers Succeeded in Academy of Finland  Project Funding Call


Three BioMediTech researchers got Academy of Finland project funding from Research Council for Health. Prof. Steven Bova got 500 000 € for his project “Tracing molecular origins of metastatic prostate cancer (MetaTrace)“, Assoc Prof. Marko Pesu got 383 253 € for his project “Proprotein Convertase Enzymes in Immune Regulation” and Assoc Prof. Heli Skottman got 500 000 € for her project “Healthy cornea – stem cell based window to the world“. All three projects start in the beginning of September 2016, and end at the end of August 2020.

See all the funding decisions by Research Council for Health from Academy of Finland website

BioMediTech Prostate Cancer Researchers Shortlisted for Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge


Professors Tapio Visakorpi and George Bova from BioMediTech (UTA) are part of an international research collaboration that has been shortlisted among “nine exceptional teams proposing to use novel, game-changing approaches to answer some of the most important questions in cancer research”.

Grand Challenge awards is a British 20 million pound award given by Cancer Research UK and intended for the most talented cancer researchers around the globe to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Professor Tapio Visakorpi, who is the director of the Prostate Cancer Center at the University of Tampere and FiDiPro Professor Steven Bova are part of Oxford University lead research consortium lead by Professor Freddie Hamdy.

The team aims at reducing unnecessary treatment of ‘safe’ cancers, and ensuring rapid and thorough treatment of those likely to be lethal. The team hope to develop and test a ‘molecular checklist’ of features that will make this a reality.

Read more on Cancer Research UK website.

Human Brain Project Releases Tools For Future Brain Research

29.3.2016/Tampere University of Technology

The EU FET Human Brain Project that is funded by EU, is now releasing platforms for future brain research. The Computational Neuroscience Research Group from BioMediTech, TUT, led by Dr. Linne, is part of Human Brain Project.

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a wide-ranging and science-intensive research project that examines the structure and functions of the human brain and the mechanisms causing brain diseases. The project also involves the development of novel IT systems and software for data collection and analysis, a theoretical framework for computer modelling and energy-efficient, optimized computational platforms for high-speed computer model calculation.

The platforms released on 30th March will benefit brain research, neuroscience and the development of brain-inspired technologies.

“This is something science has never seen before. The Platforms are an utter novelty in neuroscience and biology-based natural science in general. Genetic mapping is the only area that utilizes systems bearing somewhat of a resemblance. HBP covers everything from the brain genes to tissue and the brain as a system, along with brain-mimicking neuromorphic technologies and robotics,” says head of the research group, Adjunct Professor Marja-Leena Linne from BioMediTech, TUT, Department of Signal Processing.

Read the whole story on Tampere University of Technology website.

Prostate Cancer Research got Remarkable Funding from Tekes


The Prostate Cancer Research Center at the University of Tampere has received remarkable funding for its three-year project working on diagnostic tools for personalised cancer treatment. Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation is going to fund 60 percent of the Million Euro project. The rest is funded by University of Tampere, Genevia Technologies, Abomics Ltd and Jilab Ltd.

The research project aims at developing programmes and databases that can be used in personalised cancer treatment. The project is carried out in the Prostate Cancer Research Center that is part of BioMediTech and that is one of the most significant research centres concentrating on the prostate cancer research.

Further information from:
Project Leader, Professor Tapio Visakorpi, tapio.visakorpi (at) biomeditech.fi.
PCRC (Prostate Cancer Research Center)
UTA Research news (in Finnish)

BioMediTech Researchers Receive Grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation


Finnish Cultural Foundation published its grant decisions at the end of February. Among the grantees there were also many BioMediTech researchers: Ana Andjelkovic, Benedikta Haflidadottir, Aleksi Hänninen, Sanna-Kaisa Harjula, Henna Myllymäki, Marisa Ojala, Michelangelo Paci, Risto-Pekka Pölönen and Iina Vainio. The grant was given for doctoral studies or for postdoctoral research. We wish to warmly gratulate the new grantees!

See all the grants given by the Finnish Cultural Foundation on their website.






20.05.2016 at 12:00–16:00 MSc Septimia Sarbu will publicly defend her doctoral thesis “Information Theoretic Analysis of the Structure-Dynamics Relationships in Complex Biological Systems” on Friday, 20 May 2016 starting at 12 in Tampere University of Technology, Tietotalo building, Auditorium TB222. Prof. Roberto Serra (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) will act as the opponent. The Custos is Prof. Olli Yli-Harja from the Department of Signal Processing.






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