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Brain Tumor Researchers Increase Their Cooperation

The Finnish brain tumor association (FiBTRA) held its founding meeting on 4th of March at the University of Tampere. The rules of the association were accepted and a chairman and other board members were selected, at the meeting

- The association aims to promote Finnish brain tumor research and networking of researchers in the field. It also aims to increase the public knowledge on brain tumors, new treatment options and brain tumor research, says PhD Kirsi Granberg from BioMediTech, the joint institute of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology.

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BioMediTech Researchers Win Real-life Cognition Contest

A research BioMediTech group headed by Adjunct Professor Jussi Tohka in the Department of Signal Processing at TUT has won an international challenge to analyse brain imaging data collected under real-life conditions.

Tohka’s group developed a new ISC based exploratory data analysis technique called FuSeISC (Functional Segmentation of Brain fMRI during naturalistic stimulus based on Inter-Subject Correlation). The method provides an ISC based functional parcellation of the brain, which is based on differences in average ISCs and their subject-wise variation across different scenes of the movie stimulus. It allows simple and highly interesting interpretation of the activation/ISCs. The method is rooted on the basic ISC analysis provided by the openly available ISC toolbox, coupled with a novel clustering algorithm to allow the detection of brain areas that have similar ISC properties.

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Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen Appointed as Vice Rector of TUT

The Board of the TTY Foundation has appointed Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen as Vice President to oversee research activities at Tampere University of Technology from 1.1.205–31.12.2016.  In addition to her duties at TUT, Professor Ruotsalainen has previously been the vice director of BioMediTech.  As Vice President, Ulla Ruotsalainen will be responsible for the development of research activities at TUT, which means a close collaboration with BioMediTech continues.

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16.4.2015 at 18:00 Café Scientific/Tiedekahvila: Lisätty todellisuus – virtuaalimaailman yhdistäminen osaksi näkyvää ympäristöä./TkL Sanni Siltanen, VTT @ Main Library Metso, Pietilä hall, Pirkankatu 2, 33210 Tampere

17.4.2015 at 12:00 MSc Anne-Marie Haaparanta  will publicly defend her doctoral thesis “Highly Porous Freeze-Dried Composite Scaffolds for Cartilage and Osteochondral Tissue Engineering “ on Friday, 17th April 2015 starting at 12 in Tietotalo building, Auditorium TB109, Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering. Professor Juha Tuukkanen, University of Oulu, will act as the opponent. The Custos is Professor Minna Kellomäki Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering.


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