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Pasi Kallio Granted Academy of Finland Funding

Professor Pasi Kallio has received 690 066 € project funding from Academy of Finland. Kallio’s project “Automatic Multi-parametric Characterization of Bio-based Materials using Microrobotics” develops new microrobotic methods to monitor and influence mechanical properties of bone cells and paper fibers. 0The project starts in September, 2015 and ends in August, 2019.

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Laura Ylä-Outinen Granted Academy of Finland Funding

PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher Laura Ylä-Outinen has received 280 000 € funding from Academy of Finland. Ylä-Outinen got the funding for her project “Functional 3D graft for spinal cord injury – in vitro and in vivo studies”, where new biomaterials for the treatment of spinal cord injuries are developed. The project starts in September, 2015 and ends in August, 2018.

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Arvo 2 Building Risen to its Full Height

The new university building on Kauppi campus, Arvo 2, has now risen to its full height.

“This building was built neither for the past nor the present; it was built for the future”, said Rector Kaija Holli at the topping-out ceremonies of the new Kauppi campus building in early June.

The building carries the name Arvo 2 and will be joined with the present Arvo building. It will house the School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences and BioMediTech of the University of Tampere.

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Academy of Finland Granted Funding to Strengthening BioMediTech Collaboration

The Academy of Finland has granted University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology almost 8 million euros for strengthening research collaboration at BioMediTech. The share of University of Tampere is over 4.7 million and that of Tampere University of Technology is over 3.1 million euros.

The main target of this new funding instrument is to support Finnish universities in profiling themselves into distinct areas of strength. The total funding amounts to 50 million euros.

This was the first call opened within the new funding instrument. Each university could submit one application. The universities were asked to present their intended measures to profile themselves into key areas of strength. The funding is fixed-term, granted for four years.

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Docent Marko Pesu Granted Academy Funding for Clinical Research

Academy of Finland Research Fellow, MD, PhD, Docent Marko Pesu has received funding from the Academy of Finland as Clinical Researcher. His project “Proprotein Convertase Enzymes in Immune Regulation” was one of the six projects that reveived similar funding. He received 326 998€ for the period of 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2019.

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Docent Vesa Hytönen Granted Project Funding from Academy of Finland

PhD, Docent, Academy Research Fellow Vesa Hytönen has received Academy of Finland  funding for his project “Adaptation of talin conformation to mechanical stress – Implications in mechanosignalling and cellular differentiation”. His project received 568 054€, and the project period is 1.9.2015–31.8.2019. The project aims to understand the mechanisms behind mechanosensing and cellular differentiation. Mechanical signals are essential for our health, but very little is known about the molecular mechanisms behind mechanosensing.

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PhD Soile Nymark Granted Academy Research Fellow Position

PhD Soile Nymark has been granted Academy Research Fellow position from the Academy of Finland. Her project is called “Novel Roles for Ion Channels in Retinal Pigment Epithelium and Visual Function”, and she received 434 485€ for her her 5 year Research Fellow period starting in the beginning of September, 2015. Nymark works in Profesor Jari Hyttinen’s research group Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group (CBIG) at BioMeditech.

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BioMediTech Annual Report 2014

BioMediTech Annual Report 2014 has been published. Read the annual report here.






9.7.2015 at 12 M.Sc. Jani Pelto will publicly defend his doctoral thesis “Applications of Biopolymer Doped Polypyrroles in Biomedical Implants and Electrical Stimulation Devices”  in Tampere University of Technology,  Tietotalo building, Auditorium TB109. Prof. Heikki Tenhu from University of Helsinki will act as the opponent. The Custos is Professor Minna Kellomäki, from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

18.8.2015 at 12:30 SILK Research and Development Center for Ophthalmic Innovations cordially invites you to SILK Elsemay Björn Symposium  in FinnMedi 5 Auditorium, Biokatu 12, Tampere. Attendance is free but registration is required by August 11, 2015 (registration at info@silkresearch.fi). Programme of the symposium. Welcome!


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