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Docent Marko Pesu granted Academy Funding for Clinical Research

Academy of Finland Research Fellow, MD, PhD, Docent Marko Pesu has received funding from the Academy of Finland as Clinical Researcher. His project “Proprotein Convertase Enzymes in Immune Regulation” was one of the six projects that reveived similar funding. He received 326 998€ for the period of 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2019.

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Docent Vesa Hytönen granted Project Funding from Academy of Finland

PhD, Docent, Academy Research Fellow Vesa Hytönen has received Academy of Finland  funding for his project “Adaptation of talin conformation to mechanical stress – Implications in mechanosignalling and cellular differentiation”. His project received 568 054€, and the project period is 1.9.2015–31.8.2019. The project aims to understand the mechanisms behind mechanosensing and cellular differentiation. Mechanical signals are essential for our health, but very little is known about the molecular mechanisms behind mechanosensing.

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PhD Soile Nymark granted Academy Research Fellow position

PhD Soile Nymark has been granted Academy Research Fellow position from the Academy of Finland. Her project is called “Novel Roles for Ion Channels in Retinal Pigment Epithelium and Visual Function”, and she received 434 485€ for her her 5 year Research Fellow period starting in the beginning of September, 2015. Nymark works in Profesor Jari Hyttinen’s research group Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group (CBIG) at BioMeditech.

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BioMediTech Annual Report 2014

BioMediTech Annual Report 2014 has been published. Read the annual report here.






28.5.2015 BioMediTech Spring Seminar for BioMediTech research groups

29.5.2015 at 12 o’clock  MSc Anna Oksanen’s doctoral defence: Proprotein Convertase Enzymes FURIN and PCSK7 in Immune Regulation. Place: University Hospital, M building, small lecture hall, Teiskontie 35, Tampere. Opponent: Professor Sirpa Jalkanen (University of Turku). Custos: Docent Marko Pesu.

29.5. 2015 at 12 o’clock MSc, MD Kia Kemppainen’s doctoral defence: Complementation of Cytochrome c Oxidase Deficiency by Transgenic Expression of the Alternative Oxidase in Drosophila. Place: Finn-Medi 5, auditorium,  Biokatu 12. The opponent is Dr. Ann Saada (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel). Professor Howard Jacobs will act as custos.

30.5.2015 at 3 o’clock MSc Esko Kemppainen’s doctoral defence: Genetic and Metabolic Suppression of Mitochondrial Disease Phenotype in Drosophila. Place: Finn-Medi 5,auditorium, Biokatu 12. The opponent is professor Aleksandra Filipovska (University of Western Australia, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research). Professor Howy Jacobs is the custos.



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