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BioMediTech, a joint institute of TUT and UTA, brings together a powerful mix of multidisciplinary expertise in life sciences and medical technology. Over 250 scientists conduct research and education in the fields of cell and molecular biology, genetics, biomaterials, biosensors, computational systems, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and regenerative medicine.

The institute aims not only to integrate and strengthen the local tradition of excellence in basic life-science research and teaching, but also to create new platforms for discovery and innovation.

Excellence in research

BioMediTech conducts world-class basic and translational research in biomedicine and medical technology. Its research activities cover diverse fields, including biomaterials, stem cells, cancer, immunology, biosensors, imaging, and computational methods, with a common aim of developing personalized medicine via new diagnostic and treatment methods. During the last ten years the research groups of BioMediTech have produced close to 1500 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Promoting innovation

BioMediTech aims to nurture innovation and commercialization of research results via an active patenting policy, by providing expert advice to its scientists on the innovation potential of their discoveries, and by fostering spin-offs. During the last ten years research groups have produced nearly 100 patents and over 10 commercial spin-offs.

Unique educational environment

BioMediTech is also pioneering a unique educational environment by combining UTA-based biosciences and TUT-based technology into a single degree programme. The main objective of the new degree programme will be to educate top-level experts with multidisciplinary skills in life sciences for the demands of both academia and industry.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016 in English
Annual Report 2016 in Finnish

Interested in Joining BioMediTech?

BioMediTech welcomes applications from new, high-class research groups conducting research in the area within its scope. To apply, please follow theĀ application instructions and fill in the application form. The application instructions and application form are also available in Finnish.


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