BMT & MED Research Day 2017


Research Day 2017

BMT and MED Research Day 2017 combines the former BioMediTech Research Day and Kauppi Science Day in Arvo building, Kauppi campus on 26 October, 2017. The event is organised together with BioMediTech institute (University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology) and the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences (University of Tampere). The event is mainly aimed at the researchers at BioMediTech and UTA Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, but also others interested are welcome to join the event.

The day consists of three parts: there is a scientific full day seminar where the researchers present their work to other researchers; an addition, there is a commercial exhibition with expected ~40 companies participating as well as an accompanying commercial networking lunch session; and finally, there is a scientific poster session at the end of the day. The expected number of participants is roughly 300 people.

The language of the event is English.

ABSTRACT BOOK: BMT & MED Research Day 2017 Abstracts is now available!

Best Speech: Atte Nikkilä: “Radiation exposure from CT imaging and childhood leukemia: a nationwide case-control study”

Best Pitch: Laura Airaksinen : The Role of Regulatory T Cells in Exacerbated Gluten-induced Immune Response after CCR9 Antagonist Treatment

Best Poster: Hatai Jongprasitkul : Heparin Nanoparticles with Sustained Drug Release: Overcoming Doxorubicin side effects


lectures: Visakorpi Hall
commercial exhibition: Yellow hall (streaming from lecture hall) from 9.45–15.00
commercial networking lunch: A210-211


8.00–8.15 opening words &  announcement on the receiver of the FimLab project funding:  Dean Tapio Visakorpi
SESSION 1, Chairs: Kalle Kurppa, Toni Gröönroos
8.15–9.00 keynote 1 : Daniel Agardh, Lund University: “Type 1 Diabetes & Celiac Disease – Common and uncommon features”
9.00–9.15 Vuornos Kaisa: Efficient osteogenic induction of human adipose stem cells encapsulated in 3D hydrogels
9.15–9.30 Nikkilä Atte: Radiation exposure from CT imaging and childhood leukemia: a nationwide case-control study
9.30–9.45 Pelkonen Anssi: PDMS Tunnel Devices on Microelectrode Arrays Increase the Measurable Activity of Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Networks
9.45–10.15 Coffee break (30 min)@ Yellow hall
SESSION 2, Chair: Frank Emmert-Stribe
10.15– 10.45 keynote 2: Howy Jacobs: ”Mitochondria are hot”
10.45– 11.00 CANCELLED: Luoto Kaisa: Behavioral activation in a real-life sample of depressed patients with non-psychotic comorbidities
11.00–11.15 Harjula Sanna-Kaisa: Interleukin 10 mutant zebrafish have an enhanced Th1 response and improved resistance against a Mycobacterium marinum infection
11.15–11.30 Mykuliak Vasyl: Stable 3-helix intermediates in mechanoregulated proteins revealed by SMD and AFM
11.30–11.45 Halonen Heidi: High-resolution live cell imaging during mechanical vibration loading
11.45–12.00 Sutinen Maiju Reetta: Identifying breast tumors and healthy breast tissue by differential ion mobility (DMS) spectrometry analysis of diathermy smoke
12.00–13.00 Lunch (60 min) @Restaurant Arvo, at one’s own cost/ Commercial networking lunch session @A210-211 (for those preregistered only)
SHORT TALK (PITCH) SESSION Chair: Veikko Sariola
13.00–13.45  keynote 3: Marcy Zenobi-Wong, ETH Zürich: “Biomimetic Materials for Cartilage Tissue Engineering”
13.45–14.30     9 pitches à 4 min:
Liimatainen Kaisa: Cell counting from bright field z-stack with fully convolutional neural Network
Karvonen Tuomas: Comparison of feasibility and estimates of central and peripheral nitric oxide parameters by different mathematical models
Rauhala Hanna: Feasibility of CRISPR-Cas9 based in vitro drug target identification for personalized prostate cancer medicine
Kummola Laura: IL-7Rα Expression Regulates Murine Dendritic Cell Sensitivity to Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin
Airaksinen Laura: The Role of Regulatory T Cells in Exacerbated Gluten-induced Immune Response after CCR9 Antagonist Treatment
Kivelä Laura: Long-term health and treatment outcomes in adult celiac disease patients diagnosed in childhood by screening
Hänninen Aleksi: A wireless bioresorbable pressure sensor
Uusi-Mäkelä Meri: CRISPR-Cas9 efficiency in correlates with chromatin accessibility in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos
Saarinen Niila: Antibody response against viral proteases in enterovirus infections
14.30-15.00 Coffee break (30 min) @ Yellow hall
SESSION 3, Chairs: Mari Pekkanen-Mattila, Kirsi Penttinen
15.15–15.30 Kohvakka Annika: Expression of a novel androgen-regulated long noncoding RNA correlates with progression-free survival in prostate cancer patients
15.30–15.45 Pölönen Risto-Pekka: Antiarrhythmic effects of carvedilol and flecainide in cardiomyocytes derived from catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia patients.
15.45–16.00 Ilmarinen Tanja: Xeno- and Feeder-free Human Pluripotent Stem Cell –Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells for Ocular Cell Therapy
16.00 Closing words: Dean Minna Kellomäki
16.00–17.30 Poster session @Arvo entrance hall
18.00– Evening party @ Restaurant Arvo


LUNCH SEMINAR (A210-211)/ Programme (for those preregistered only!):
12.00 OPENING, BioMediTech Program Manager Juho Väisänen, Chair
12.05–12.15 Duolink Reagents for Localization and Quantitation of Protein-Protein Interactions. Merck Life Science, Lab Solutions, Account Manager Sami Sivonen
12.15–12.25 QIAGEN’s NGS solutions update; from the whole genome to the targeted approach: miRNA, RNA, DNA, cfDNA and microbiome.  QIAGEN, Sr. Sales Application specialist, Applied Genomics  (BRC & UNGS) Sari Nousiainen
12.25–12.35 ”See more with Leica and Immuno Diagnostic”, Immuno Diagnostic Oy, Product Manager Janne Ylärinne (Ph.D.)
12.35–12.45 “Goodbye UV, welcome LED”, LED-Imaging, Biotop Oy, Director Matti Raitio
12.45–12.55  “Protecting inventions in research – why and how?” Berggren Oy, European Patent Attorney Seppo Kilpeläinen

Commercial exhibition is now fully booked.

The companies registered to the commercial exhibition:

– Merck Life Science Oy – BioNordika Oy – Thermo Fisher Scientitifc Oy – Modulight Oy – Mediq Suomi Oy – AH diagnostics – Innovatics Oy – Berner Oy – Berggren Oy – Oy Fision Ltd. – Injeq Oy – Hexamer Oy – Top Analytica Ltd. – Qiagen – Labnet Oy – Eppendorf Nordic AS – Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Sciences) – Comsol Oy – FIMM / Helsingin yliopisto – Agilent Technologies Finland Oy – Labo Line Oy – Miltenyi Biotec Norden AB – Mectalent Medical Services Oy – Atostek Oy – Immuno Diagnostic Oy – Biotop oy – Fennolab – Sartorius Nordic Oy – Nordic Biosite Oy – Skunk Developments Oy – Triolab Oy – Fisher Scientific Oy – Labema Oy – Becton Dickinson – Top  Analytica Oy  –



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