BioMediTech Research Day 4th December, 2015

BioMediTech Research Day is an event where researchers are able to present their research topic, see what other researchers at BioMediTech are up to, and network with each other and with the companies in the commercial exhibition.

BioMediTech Research Day 2015 is organized on Friday, 4th of December at University of Tampere, 08:20–18:00, main building (LS A1).

During the lunch and coffee breaks there is a possibility to check the corporate and poster exhibition (9:30-15:00).

Abstract book available now!

Programme (subject to changes)

Numbers in front of the speakers indicate their abstract numbers found in the abstract book. The speakers do not have a poster at the event.

8.30–8.45           Opening words: Hannu Hanhijärvi, Director

8.45–10.00        Scientific Session 1/ Chair: Saara Aittomäki, (LS A1)

1. Maria Teresa Calejo: Porous films for the treatment of retinal disease
21. Elisa Vuorinen: Karyopherin alpha 7 (KPNA7) mediated nuclear transport in cancer
37. Hanna Juhola: The Role of Synaptic Cell Membrane in Neurotransmitter Entry into its Receptor
54. Leena-Maija Vanha-aho: Edin Expression in the Fat Body Is Required in the Defense Against Parasitic Wasps in Drosophila melanogaster
86. Mitra Akbari: Characterization of Flexible Graphene Oxide Film Reduced by Pulsed Xenon Flash

10.00–10.30      Coffee Break

10.30–11.00      Scientific Session 2/ Chair: Dr Waldemar Kulig, (LS A1)

26. Mauro Scaravilli: A comprehensive repertoire of tRNA-derived fragments in prostate cancer
67. Anne Skogberg: Nanocellulose surfaces as cell culture substrates

11.00–11.45      Keynote 1: Arto Urtti, University of Helsinki

11.45–13.00      Lunch (at one’s own cost)

13.00–13.45      Keynote 2: Jukka Westermark, University of Turku: “Discovery of CIP2A, the universal human oncoprotein”

13.45–14.15      Scientific Session 3/ Chair: Susanna Valanne, (LS A1)

90. Rolle Rahikainen: Destabilized talin-1 mutants for studying cellular mechanosensing
61. Antti Ahola: Analysis tool for human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocyte beating dynamics using video imaging

14.15–15.00      Coffee Break

15.00–16.15      Scientific Session 4/ Chair: Soile Nymark, (LS A1)

30. Kirsi J. Granberg: Strong FGFR3 staining is a surrogate marker for FGFR3 fusions and poor prognosis in diffuse gliomas
3. Jennika Karvinen: Hydrazone crosslinked hyaluronan based hydrogels for neural application
60. Risto-Pekka Pölönen: Orientation analysis of hiPSC derived cardiomyocytes exposed to uniaxial mechanical stretching using CytoSpectre software
65. Ville Rantanen: Device for Studying Reanimation of Unilateral Facial Paralysis
79. Tanja Paavilainen: Role of astrocytes in formation of functional neuronal networks in vitro

16.15–16.30      Closing words:  Minna Kellomäki, Vice Director

16.30–18.00      Poster session, researchers available at their posters (“portrait hall”)

The event continues with BioMediTech Christmas Party at about 18:45 in University lobby hall, in which you have to buy a separate ticket (10 €) in advance to participate.


Note: Wireless Internet connection available during the event!

Welcome to Research Day and Christmas Party!


Hannu Hanhijärvi
Director, BioMediTech

Minna Kellomäki
Vice Director, BioMediTech




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